Register / Store Document
This transaction can be used to register the document metadata and optionally store documents in a SHR or document repository. This transaction can also be used to support storage of vaccine certificates.
Workflow Maturity
Newly Defined
  • Workflow is defined by WHO and has OpenHIE ARB approval
  • Initial implementations are being considered.
Assumptions and Prerequisites
  • The appropriate trust agreements and processes have been put in place for the system sharing the document or the Document Generation Service to provide the documentation to the SHR or document repository.
  • Point-of-Care or Document Generation Service (External System) - External system or Point-of-care system generating the document.
  • IOL - The interoperability layer that secures and orchestrates the exchange of information (see OHIE Interoperability layer)
  • SHR / Document Repository (or Electronic Vaccination Registry) - The shared health record that serves as a centralized data store for patients’ longitudinal health record and or health documents

Interaction Description

The Interaction Description is stored in the "Store Health Certificate" in the WHO FHIR IG.
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