Establish a Project Plan

Component Level Project and Exchange Level Project

A good project plan should address resources (technical and human), cost constraints and estimated timing. The resource plan and project plans should address the following types of activities that are considered to be in scope for the project:

  • Necessary governance check points required by the governance process.

  • Defining requirements.

  • System design and alignment with architecture and data exchange and terminology standards.

  • Establishing hosting environments and hardware and software upgrade processes.

  • Selecting, procuring, installing and configuring software and hardware components needed to support the project.

  • If this is a data sharing project, point-of-care systems or other systems that are sharing data may need to be enhanced to support data sharing.

  • Documentation of the technical solution and information required to support the solution.

  • Testing to prove that the system operates as desired, including data exchanges, business processes and load testing.

  • Development of policies and procedures required to support the system(s) and business processes.

  • Training for users and support staff.

  • Communications regarding roll out.

  • Support for end users and support for system patches and upgrades

  • For data exchange projects, also consider

    • Point-of-Care systems, insurance systems and / or national registry systems that will interact with the component you are implementing may need to be enhanced to communicate with the appropriate architecture components through the Interoperability Layer of the architecture.

    • Configuration and testing with interfacing point-of-care systems, insurance systems and / or national registry systems that are within the scope of the project.

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