Identify Stakeholders

Architecture Level Project

To establish the architecture, the stakeholders may be a bit broader than they are for a typical data exchange or component project. To identify stakeholders, ask questions such as:

  • Who is impacted by these architectural standards and who are the other interested parties?

  • Is there a larger governmental architecture, standards body or ICT infrastructure that the health architecture needs to align with?

  • Are there advocacy groups that can help?

Stakeholders to Consider

  • Organizations or people that support software solutions

  • Key architects or developers

  • Key or influential project leads

  • Other government of MOH architects that the health architecture may need to align with

  • Government ICT organizations that support health projects or infrastructure

  • Organizations driving the project

  • Ministry of Health representatives

  • Technical and infrastructure support teams (e.g. help desk personnel, system hosting and connectivity providers) that may end up supporting the component(s), the bandwidth or other technology needed for the project to be successful.

Identifying Stakeholder Motivations

Once potential stakeholders are identified, it is helpful to understand high-level stakeholder motivations and challenges. Understanding these motivations will help teams engage and recruit the individuals that will represent the organizational stakeholders in:

  • Defining the architecture project scope

  • Vetting and prioritizing key use cases and user stories that the architecture needs to support

  • Moving toward alignment on architecture standards

Ask questions such as:

  • Are there different/varying motivations among interested and impacted parties?

  • What might be the success criteria for different stakeholders?

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