Document the Architecture

Architecture Level Project

Content to Consider

When developing your health architecture, you may want to consider including the following content:

  • Information about the health system context

    • You may want to include linkages to key health system documents or priorities

  • Architecture diagram / components

    • you may want to reference the OpenHIE Architecture here.

  • Standards or a reference to standards

    • Consider of the data exchange standards and / or terminology standards are stored in the Architecture document, an appendix or a separate standards document.

  • Guidelines for application may be included in the architecture or other documentation for health information teams to follow. These may include expectations such as:

    1. Project teams must create documentation of system assets (for example, requirements, design, installation process)

    2. Applications that share data must/should have APIs

    3. Application purchases or selection must be done via an evaluation process where the criteria and decision are documented

    4. Applications should be designed in a way that support data standards

    5. Any source code developed specifically for MOH should be stored in the MOH source code repository

    6. Interoperability layer should be used for data exchange (No new point-to-Point)

    7. Project teams must complete an HIS project Alignment (processes outlined in this document)

    8. Additional guidelines...

The following are some examples of how the architecture has been documented.

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