Determine Project Scope

Architecture Level Project

The scope of the architecture can be a bit challenging. One perspective is to think about the systems and data sharing transactions that are in the purview of the ministry of health. However, there may be other health data and health transactions that are in the jurisdiction of other ministries. Examples of this may include the health supply chain and / or health medications and insurance coverage practices may be important even if these are not directly in the purview of the MOH. To help move forward, you can begin with the architecture under a specific jurisdiction. However, you may want to include other branches as appropriate in the stakeholders. You may want to use any existing health strategy documentation, examples from other countries and / or the OpenHIE Architecture Specification and Diagram to help think about scope of the architecture. Ultimately, you will need to understand the systems that are needed to support the data sharing goals of the country. To begin to identify these needs, use the DIIG (Chapter 3).

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