Change Log and Versioning

Version 4.0 (September 2021 - This content)

The following are an overview of the significant content changes that have been made.



How to Reference This Version

This is the 4.0 (September 2021) version of the specification. To reference it, include the link ( and state the version number.

Version 3.0 (September 2020)

Previous releases of the OpenHIE Architecture Specification are stored on the OpenHIE website.


  • OpenHIE Workflow (Data Exchange) Maturity Level This maturity level takes into account the maturity of underlying IHE / FHIR specifications and the use of the workflow pattern in implementations.
  • Laboratory Workflows Data exchanges revolving around laboratory information have been added to the specification.
  • The Facility Registry Requirements The requirements for the key features of a facility registry were updated.
  • Terminology Workflow Updates The terminology workflows were updated to include IHE specification.

Previous Versions

Previous Specification Versions Previous releases of the specification document can be found on this page of the OpenHIE Wiki.
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