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Report Lab Results

A laboratory information system (LIS) can send lab test results to an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system.
Workflow Maturity
Newly Defined
  • Workflow is defined and ARB approved
  • Initial implementations are being implemented
  • FHIR R4 Workflow
  • FHIR R4 search on Task, DiagnosticReport, ServiceRequest or Patient resources
  • FHIR R4 bundle search response
Assumptions and Prerequisites
  • The EMR and LIS are trusted applications known by the IOL
  • The IOL supports node authentication, audit tracking, and rerunning of failed transactions
  • The SHR adheres to OHIE specification
  • EMR - The electronic medical record system that captures the patient and order information and sends the electronic order to the LIS
  • LIS - The laboratory information system that pulls order information, processes orders, updating statuses and generating results sets
  • IOL - The interoperability layer that secures and orchestrates the exchange of information (see OHIE Interoperability layer)
  • SHR - The shared health record that serves as a centralized data store for patients’ longitudinal health record

Interaction Description

Transaction Options
Results Saved and FHIR Task Updated
The results save generates a FHIR R4 DiagnosticReport Resource (example) with referenced FHIR R4 Observation resources (example) to store the results, and a reference to the associated Patient and Task Resource.
Search for Updated FHIR Tasks
FHIR R4 Search for Tasks based on tasks for which the owner is the EMR, and which have a status ‘completed’
Return FHIR Updated Tasks
FHIR R4 Task Resource with status ‘completed’ and reference to FHIR R4 DiagnosticReport
FHIR R4 bundle search response (example)
Search for Associated Diagnostic Reports
FHIR R4 Search for DiagnosticReports by UUID
Return Associated Diagnostic Reports
FHIR R4 DiagnosticReport Resource with
Update FHIR Task Status, Store DiagnosticReports and Save Results