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This transaction allows a PoS, or any OHIE component, to access terminological information in the terminology service and retrieve the translation, or "mapping" of a Concept in one Code System to a Concept in another Code System. Mapping is frequently required when patient data is collected using Concepts/Codes from one Code System but the data must be reported or aggregated, say for decision support, in a different Code System. The set of such associated Concepts, usually for a specific use-case, are stored in the Terminology Service in a FHIR Resource called a ConceptMap.

Both external systems and systems inside the HIE may perform this transaction directly with the TS. The sequence diagram below shows the steps that occur for a system using this transaction.

  1. Mapping: Using the ConceptMap 'ICD-10 to SNOMED CT Diseases', retrieve the SNOMED CT Concept Code(s) that is associated with '123XYZ' in ICD-10.

Workflow Maturity


  • One or more OpenHIE implementations of this workflow exist in one or more countries

  • Workflow is defined and ARB approved

  • Workflow is supported by mature standards


The FHIR ConceptMap translate operation: HL7 FHIR Specifications v3.0 or higher support translate. The response is a set of FHIR Parameter objects that include a 'result' (whether there is an acceptable match) and a list of possible matches. The list of matches may include notes of Codes for which mappings are specifically excluded, and qualifications on the applicability of matches.

This workflow implements the IHE IT Infrastructure Technical Framework Supplement - Sharing Valuesets, Codes, and Maps (SVCM) Transaction: Translate Code ITI-Y7.

Assumptions and Prerequisites

The required ConceptMap and associated CodeSystem(s) have been preloaded into the Terminology Service.


  • PoS - The point-of-service system or other HIE component that is requesting the translation.

  • TS - Stores the curated, official version of the ConceptMap for the health system.

Interaction Description

The following is a description of the interaction steps.




Transaction Options


ConceptMap translate request

The translate request is triggered by a PoS or other HIE component.

Input: The ConceptMap name and source Code and CodeSystem.

FHIR ConceptMap Resource, $translate operation


ConceptMap translate response

The response is sent back to the requesting system.

Output: a set of parameters including a Boolean 'result, and a list of, possibly qualified, Code matches.

FHIR ConceptMap Resource, $translate operation

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