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Update Patient Demographic Record Workflow


This transaction allows the Point-of-Service (PoS) systems to update a patient record in the client registry. The following sequence diagram shows the steps involved.
Workflow Maturity
  • Workflow is defined and ARB approved
  • Workflow is supported by mature standards
  • One or more OpenHIE implementations of this workflow exist in one or more countries
ADT^A08 - IHE ITI-8 Transactions
Assumptions and Prerequisites
  • The Point-of-Service system is a trusted application known by the HIE and it is registered with the interoperability layer to be able to send and receive data securely (Common message security workflow).
  • The Patient to be updated is assumed to already exist in the Client Registry.
  • PoS - The point of care system that captures patient identifiers, is responsible for sending the identifiers to the HIE.
  • IL - Mediates the transactions between the PoS system and the Client Registry.
  • CR - Manages patient demographics and identifier details.

Interaction Description

The following is a description of the interaction steps.
Transaction Options
Update patient
The format of the message is specified by the ITI-8 IHE PIX v2 transaction and takes the form of an HL7v2.3.1 A08 message. The message may include both identifiers and demographic attributes for the patient to be updated.
PIF ITI-8 transaction ADT^A08
Update patient
The message from the Point-of-Service system is passed directly through to the CR by the IL.
PIF ITI-8 transaction ADT^A08 Patient Identity Feed IHE ITI-8 Transactions
Acknowledge patient updated
The response message is an HL7 ACK. See ITI TF-2x: C.2.3, "Acknowledgment Modes" for definition and discussion of the ACK message.
PIF ITI-8 transactions HL7 ACK Patient Identity Feed IHE ITI-8 Transactions
Acknowledge patient updated
The message from the CR is passed directly through to the PoS by the IL.
PIF ITI-8 transactions HL7 ACK Patient Identity Feed IHE ITI-8 Transactions