OpenHIE Logistics Management Information System (LMIS)

A Logistics Management Information System (LMIS) is an IT system that plays a central role in enabling commodity visibility and operational management of a wide-area supply chain operations. Typically the commodities in this supply chain are health-related, with the organization that sponsors the system a department or agency under a government's health ministry, and the operation is carried out at scale for an entire region or even an entire nation. An LMIS typically bridges the health and supply chain operations by enabling re-supply workflows for clinical locations and the vertical programs targeting families of commodities, as well as interfacing with supplier's IT systems to ensure the re-supply process is fulfilled as needed. Particular LMIS tools may have additional capabilities that enhance these re-supply workflows and/or add to the maturity of the wider supply chain operations.

See also Non-Functional Requirements.

OpenHIE LMIS Workflow Requirements

The LMIS workflow requirements are yet to be determined.

OpenHIE LMIS Functional Requirements

The LMIS functional requirements are yet to be determined.

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