Request Care Services Updates Workflow

Workflow for a point of service application to query a Care Services Registry or directory for updates to health workers, facilities, organizations, and/or the services provided by each.

Workflow Maturity


  • Workflow is defined and ARB Approved

  • Workflow is supported by emerging IHE mCSD standard


Mobile Care Services Discovery (mCSD):

Assumptions and Prerequisites

A Care Services Registry shall have one or more of the following resources:

  • Location

  • Practitioner and PractitionerRole

  • Organization

  • HealthcareService


  • ILR= InterLinked Registry, mCSD Care Services Update Consumer

  • CSR = Any Care Services Registry (e.g. HWR or FR), mCSD Care Services Update Supplier

Interaction Description

The following is a description of the interaction steps.



Data / Notes

Transaction Options


Request care services updates

HTTP GET Request with optional date parameter. Can be for any supported resources.

[ITI-91] Request Care Services Updates


Return updated care services

HTTP response with FHIR Bundle of matching resources or an error if an invalid request or server error.

[ITI-91] Request Care Services Updates

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