Query Patient Demographic Records by Identifier Workflow


This transaction allows patient demographics to be fetched from the Client Registry using an identifier. The following sequence diagram shows the steps involved.

Workflow Maturity


  • One or more OpenHIE implementations of this workflow exist in one or more countries

  • Workflow is defined and ARB approved

  • Workflow is supported by mature standards


Assumptions and Prerequisites

The PoS system is a trusted application known by the HIE and it is registered with the interoperability layer to be able to send and receive data securely (Common message security workflow).


  • PoS - The point of service system that captures patient identifiers, is responsible for sending the identifiers to the HIE.

  • IL - Mediates the transactions between the PoS system and the client registry.

  • CR - Manages patient demographics and identifier details.

Interaction Description

The following is a description of the interaction steps.




Transaction Options


Get patient by identifier

The message includes the query criteria, which may include one or more patient identifiers.


Get patient from CR by identifier

The message from the PoS is passed directly through to the CR by the IL


Return patient record

The response returns the patient(s) that matched the query criteria. It may consist of zero or more patient demographic records.


  • Query Patient Resource Response (ITI TF-2c:3.Y1.4.2): Bundle (Patient)


Return patient record

The message from the CR is passed directly through to the PoS by the IL


  • Query Patient Resource Response (ITI TF-2c:3.Y1.4.2): Bundle (Patient)

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