HIV Treatment Continuity Technology Intervention Framework (TIF)


This copy is a work in progress. The interactions described are a moment in time snapshot of the interventions that are being used to help HIV patients stay in treatment. To provide input or feedback see How to Provide Feedback and Input on the TIF and Toolkit

HIV TIF Framework Overview and Structure

The TIF was created as a way to describe the technology interventions for HIV retention in care. The TIF is a snapshot of the intervention in time as described. The framework for cataloging interventions is intended to be applicable to broader topics.

TIF Layers

The TIF is designed to support layers of information pertaining to the technology interventions.

Layer 1 - Touchpoint Interventions as noted in the diagram above occur in the follow points of the visit cycle:


interaction between parties involved in care delivery. It is part of the care/clinical process.

Patient Touchpoint: the care system ←→ patient

System Touchpoint: the care system ←→ other members of the system

Layer 2 - Intervention Categories

The categories are intended to enable interventions in the same category can be grouped.

Layer 3 - Technology Intervention Descriptions

The description is a snapshot in time that describes a specific technology intervention implementation and some of the characteristics about the intervention.


specific approach using data/HIT to support touchpoint. Examples: paper register, SMS message, decision support reminder, phone call.

We want to understand data approaches to the care process

More about the HIV TIF

What the TIF is

  • Tool for comparing and contrasting data / digital interventions

  • It’s a framework for understanding of implementer approaches through agreeing on a common way to talk about / look at technology interventions.

  • It guides us to finding trends and synthesizing practice-based evidence.

What the TIF is not

  • Something that describes the entire clinical cascade

  • A formal conceptual model or an academic model

  • Something that describes data/information flows

  • Inclusive of all interventions

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